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List Of Search Engines Other Than Google 

There are thousands of other search engines on internet,this is one of the fact that 50% users ignore.We all know about google and we all know that google is the biggest company of internet and helps millions of people for there billions of searches daily,but it is not the only search engine on internet.There are 1000 other search engines where you can find your desired searches of even better quality.Different search engines uses different algorithms therefore each search shows distinct results which are really important for typical queries.


Other search engines list

It is the second most visited search engine of all time contributing to almost 30% of the total search queries.

A partner of bing powered by microsoft company well known search engine for showing results within seconds.

Ask is a partner search engine of google,a default engine of mozilla firefox. It uses database of google but is really effective for search queries.

Msn is also a default search engine of Netscape Navigator but it uses database of microsoft corporation.

One of the newest and fast growing engine helping to almost 10% of the search queries of the web.

Other Search Engines

A privately own directory but really worth to search on. Uses its private database and big contributor to daily searches.

Another directory with privately own database but on addition gives a backlink to the owner of the website it shows result of.

Another list of different set of search engines

They are really important for your searches as these above listed queries in total contributes a huge traffic of around 10000000000 per month which can really turn your lives into way to give importance to them. Use these engines for your query and get relevant results.