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Download Adsense Safe Traffic Bot- CRACKED

Adsense Safe Traffic bot is a software that generates unlimited traffic for a website.Download the software from below links. It is usually a program that tracks a real person attitude during browsing and repeats every time the same thing that gives unlimited traffic to the website.

Although it is illegal to use traffic bot for money from adsense but it is truth that 50% of adsense clicks are from penalizes a lot of websites daily if they are caught using bots so it is a mere request please use it normally as abnormal use of these bots can penalize your site.

List Of Adsense safe traffic Bot

Supreme traffic bot cracked version 5.01

jingling software unlimited traffic

jingling english version

Things to Keep in mind while using adsense safe traffic bot 

  • Never use it abnoramly (limit the traffic up to 1000/day)
  • Never use it to click adsense ads
  • Use it to increase rankings
  • limit the daily usage to one fourth of the total traffic

Download The cracked Adsense safe Traffic bot